Business Opportunities-następna książka z serii

Bliźniacza grupa książek do prezentowanych podręczników Oxford University Press, „Objectives” oraz „Basics”.

dla chętnych do zanurzenia się w język angielski, możliwość tłumaczenia, Oto próbka oryginalnego opisu angielskiego:

Clear presentation and practice of essential business language.
Accompanying video: Creating Opportunities

How can it be used?

  • As a continuous course.
  • As a flexible resource to be dipped into.

Who is it for?

  • Business students who have not yet started on their career.
  • Managers and trainee managers.

Key features

  • Comprehensive structural syllabus.
  • Consistent use of authentic materials from real companies.
  • Provides the everyday language and structures which learners need in specific professional situations.
  • Emphasis on listening and speaking, with frequent role plays and conversation-based activities.
  • Learner training pages to promote learner independence, e.g Time management, Recording vocabulary, Using a dictionary and Guessing unknown words.
  • Glossary of business terms used in the course.
  • Full grammar and usage notes.
  • The video Creating Opportunities is based on the syllabus of Business Opportunities and is an ideal supplement to the course.


Następna książka do języka angielskiego: FCE Expert-książka ucznia


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